Naziha Salim :The activism and leadership and the champion of change

Naziha Salim

Naziha Salim was born in Turkey in 1927 to a family of Iraqi craftsmen. Her father Hajji Mohammed Salim was a painter and her mother was gifted in weaving. Salim was raised in an environment filled with imagination and ability, with three brothers who were too specialists. One of her brothers Jawad, got to be well-known as one of Iraq’s best stone carvers. From a youthful age she cherished making craftsmanship propelled by her aesthetic family. 

Naziha Salim  was one of the primary ladies to get a grant for craftsmanship considered overseas. Within the 1940s, she graduated from the Baghdad Fine Expressions Institution and after that sought to encourage instruction in craftsmanship in Paris. Later on, within the 1960s, she returned to the Fine Expressions Organized as an educator, where she proceeded to rouse and teach others until her retirement within the 1980s. 

Naziha Salim: Pioneering women’s rights and a political activist’s highlights

Naziha salim brief overview are as follows:

Born 1927
Place of Birth Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality Iraqi
Died 15 February 2008 (aged 80–81)
Place of Death Baghdad
Father Hajji Mohammed Salim
Education Institute of Arts in Baghdad, Ecole des Beaux-Arts (Paris)
Known For Painting

Naziha Salim: Academic journey and educational background:

Here is a summary on her education journey:

Naziha salim after progressing to the Baghdad Fine Expressions, Organized Salim truly cherished portraiture. She worked exceptionally difficult and did truly well in her classes. Individuals took note how skilled she was and she got an extraordinary grant. She was the primary lady to urge this kind of grant. With the grant she went to Paris to ponder more at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts. There, she was indeed superior at portraying.When she came back to Baghdad, she became an educator at the Fine Expressions Organized. She instructed there until she resigned within the 1980s.Salim was exceptionally included in Iraq’s craftsmanship community. She began a group called Al-Ruwwad with other specialists. They needed to blend diverse styles of craftsmanship, like from Europe, with the uncommon way craftsmanship was wiped out in Iraq. 

Naziha Salim: Mastering craftsmanship in advocacy and activism

Naziha Salim

Naziha Salim played an imperative part in forming advanced craftsmanship in Iraq. A few of her outstanding works incorporate:

  • Iraq:Modern Art: This critical piece serves as an important asset for understanding the early stages of Iraq’s cutting edge craftsmanship development. Through this work, Salim captured the substance of modern Iraqi craftsmanship, giving knowledge into its advancement and impacts.
  • Representations of Ladies and Families: Salim’s craftsmanship centered on depicting ladies and families in different settings. She portrayed her family, individuals from nearby country Iraqi ladies, laborer ladies, working ladies, and indeed Mesopotamian and Middle easterner goddesses. Through these representations, Salim investigated the complexities of familial connections and the differing parts of ladies in Iraqi society.
  • Test Craftsmanship Developments: Salim effectively took an interest in test craftsmanship developments, utilizing her work to reflect the changing parts and lives of ladies. Her craftsmanship served as a medium for investigating modern methods, points of view, and concepts, pushing the boundaries of conventional creative expression. 


Naziha Salim: A Trailblazer’s Triumphs and Achievements. Check it out!

Here are some of the achievements of salim that are remembered till date:

She got to be a well known craftsman known for her inventive way of portrayal and her profound understanding of Iraqi culture and society.She got an uncommon grant to consider craftsmanship at a popular school in Paris called Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts. This appeared how gifted and genuine she was, approximately her craftsmanship.

Salim got to be an educator at the Baghdad Fine Expressions Established, where she shared her adore for craftsmanship with numerous youthful Iraqi craftsmen. She cleared out an enormous impression on the craftsmanship community.She made a difference and began a gathering called Al-Ruwwad. This gathering was vital since it brought together distinctive sorts of craftsmanship from Europe and Iraq, making modern and energizing thoughts.Salim works of art appeared in the lives of ladies and families in Iraq. Her craftsmanship reflected how society was changing. Individuals truly like her works of art since they are profound, enthusiastic, and appear in the culture of Iraq.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who was Naziha Salim, and why is she critical within the world of craftsmanship?

She was a conspicuous Iraqi craftsman known for her commitments to present day Iraqi craftsmanship. She is critical for her spearheading work, special aesthetic fashion, and devotion to depicting the lives of ladies and families in her craftsmanship.

What were a few of her eminent works of art, and where can they be found?

A few of her eminent craftsmanship incorporate Artists, One Night’s Dream, and The Martyr’s Spouse. Numerous of her works can be found in prestigious collections, such as the Barjeel Craftsmanship Establishment, the Sharjah Craftsmanship Exhibition hall, and the Cutting edge Craftsmanship Iraqi Chronicle.

What was her family foundation and creative impacts?

She came from a family of specialists. Her father was a painter, and her mother exceeded expectations in weaving. She had a few kin, counting her popular artist brother, Jawad Salim, and craftsmanship was an indispensable portion of her childhood.

How did she contribute to the advancement of present day Iraqi craftsmanship?

Salim played a significant part in forming advanced Iraqi craftsmanship by portraying the changing parts and lives of ladies through her craftsmanship. She was moreover a teacher at the Baghdad Fine Expressions Founded and an establishing part of the Al-Ruwwad gather, which presented European craftsmanship strategies into Iraqi aesthetics.

What was the request of Salim, and how is she recollected nowadays?

Her request lives on through her craftsmanship, which proceeds to rouse specialists. Her one of a kind fashion and devotion to her creation are celebrated, and she is recognized as a trailblazer in modern Iraqi craftsmanship. Google Doodles and her consideration in prestigious craftsmanship collections commemorate her commitments.


Naziha Salim was a celebrated craftsman from Iraq. She was born in 1927 in Turkey. She cherished portrayal and got a grant to think about Paris. When she came back to Iraq, she got to be an instructor at the Baghdad Fine Expressions Founded and began a group called Al-Ruwwad with other craftsmen. They blended diverse craftsmanship styles from Europe with Iraqi craftsmanship.Salim’s canvases frequently appeared in the lives of ladies and families, reflecting how society was changing. Her craftsmanship is well-known and kept in imperative craftsmanship collections. She had an enormous impact on Iraqi craftsmanship that still keeps going nowadays.Undoubtedly in show disdain toward the reality that she went up against prosperity issues, Salim remained strong and kept energizing other experts until she passed away at 81 a long time back. 

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