Snoop Dogg Net worth 2024: Journey From Nothing To $ 160 Million Net Worth Owner

Snoop Dogg Net worth

 Snoop Dogg is popular artist as well as he known for his rapping, his singing, his writing skills and etc. dr. Dre helped him allot by finding him. He also worked as cast member in TV shows and movies. He has very innovative and business mindset which makes him owner of $ 16 millions. In 1992 his career took a step when dr dre who is also musician and producer found him and impressed by his rapping. To learn more about Snoop Dogg read this page.

Who is Snoop dogg?

Snoop Dogg is known for his rhymes and charm. Very soon he will be an icon in popular culture. He is not just involved in the music industry but also the face of west coast hip hop. He popularly used informal language that made image dopes against all. Snoop used to knot braids which were very popular in late 90’s. He was known as the finest rapper at that time. Snoop Dogg attained numerous awards in his lifetime. He has get together with various artists. 

Some people care about snoop’s health on the other hand some peoples guess that it might be publicity stunt for his cannabis company. Snoop is very obsessed with smoking. One person said that a snoop without smoke is earth without water.

Biography of Snoop Dogg

Category Rapper 
  • Net worth 2024
$ 160 million
  • Date of birth
20 october 1971
  • Birth place
Long beach 
  • Gender 
  • Height 
6ft 3inch
  • Nationality 
  • Religion 
  • Marital status
  • wife
Shante taylor
  • Child 
4 childrens
  • Profession 
Rapper, actor, entrepreneur, song writer

Snoop Dogg Net Worth in 2024?

The well-known artist Snoop Dogg net worth 2024 a substantial sum of money, over $160 million. He success is not only limited in music sector but also flexible in field of entertainment. His business mindset results in long journey to becoming wealthiest singers of all time. 

He was not interested in branding in beginning, he always wanted to make good song with his informal language and unique look. Snoop wanted to be more than businessman not just rapper but now he was mastered show business. He also achieved tag of master P for his success.

Here Are Previous 5 Year Net Worth Of Scoop Dogg Given

Scoop dogg net worth 


  • 2019
$ 110 million
  • 2020
$ 120 million
  • 2021
$ 130 million
  • 2022
$ 140 million
  • 2023
$ 155 million

And The Current Snoop Dogg Net Worth 2024 Year’s Net Worth Is

Scoop dogg net worth


  • 2024
$ 160 million

Snoop Dogg Early Life

Real name of the scoop is Calvin broadus. He was born on october 20 1971 at long beach, california, US. When he was young his parents were separated and he loved to spend time with his father but after his fathers’s death his mother got married again. Snoop completed his high school from Long beach Polytechnic High School and graduated from Compton college. He was sent to a special home because of his misbehavior he did in high school. But he didn’t understand anything and kept ragging.

Achievements of Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has received numerous awards in the last 3 decades. He hs been successful raper, actor and also known as cultural icon. Snoop got famous with his album the chronic which was released in 1992. He released various successful albums like the doggfather, not to be sold, the last meal and more. He worked with various artists and his classifications became larger in the music industry. Hegot the tag of master p with his success in branding experience. 

Snoop Dogg’s Net Worth from Businesses

Snoop Dogg
Snoop loves selling and picking things he likes. He is obsessed with smoking and he makes smoking items, dog clothes and many other things. 
  • Snoop dogg in 2022 snoop launched dog clothes and accessories. They offers wide range of accessories like chains caps etc 
  • Broadus foods- snoop loves homemade food rather then readymade food. Broadus food is operated by snoop and percy ceo of the company.
  • Indigo gin- it is a relaxed drink that tastes like strawberries. It is made by scoop dogg and you can buy this drink from the internet also.
  • Snoopify app- in 2013 snoop introduced this app. Through this app users can add stickers and backdrops for him to their pictures. 

Investments Done by Scoop Dogg in Companies

  • Technology startups- snoop is entrepreneur and invested in many tech companies. His interest always go around industry always.
  • Cannabis industry- snoop’s love is greatest for cannabis. His cannabis, leafs by snoop hold up investments more by investing in businesses related to cannabis.
  • Media and entertainment- scoop also co founder of merry jane. Merry jane works on media and entertainment and also focuses on cannabis culture. 


Snoop Dogg never only depends on a single income source, he generates income from various different sources such as selling things for dogs, creating apps, etc. Snoop Dogg net worth 2024 is estimated $ 169 million. He is also an entrepreneur as well as musician and actor too, never wants to be only a singer, he wants to be a businessman too. He invests in many companies. His business innovative mindset plays a wide role in his success. 

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