TAFCOP Portal: Check And Block How Many SIMs Are Running In Your Name Without Your Concern 


The TAFCOP stands for Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management & Consumer protection Aadhar card. TAFCOP Portal is launched by the government of India, department of telecommunications India (DoT), with the help of TAFCOP Portal users can check the status of mobile number allotted on their name. Just by following some steps the users can enjoy the benefits provided by the TAFCOP Portal.  

What is TAFCOP? 

The government of India launched the portal named as Sanchar Sathi Portal, department of telecommunications India (DoT). TAFCOP refers to telecom analytics for fraud management & consumer protection. It aims to empower and help the users as well as aims to support security and raise awareness of mobile users in the country. It works in online mode and it saves time for the users, there is no need to visit the offices physically anyone can do it online or digitally, resulting in saving time and cost. The Indian telecom subscribers enjoy TAFCOP Portal more. 

Features of TAFCOP 

The standout feature of TAFCOP is to stop illegal activities by reducing the scam connections in India or unapproved mobile connections, the portal notifies their users when 9 sim cards are linked to a single ID Card. Users can also trace their SIM Cards to verify mobile connections, this all can be possible because of reliable technology of this portal. The other important feature of TAFCOP Portal is that this website counts the number of active mobile connections. The main feature of TAFCOP is to reduce the number of fraud or unapproved mobile connections. 

How To Use TAFCOP Portal? 

After following such steps, you can use the TAFCOP Portal. 

Step 1: for using the TAFCOP Portal you had to go on their official website https://tafcop.sancharsaathi.gov.in/telcomUser/

Step 2: click on the link and add your mobile number. 

Step 3: enter the given captcha. 

Step 4: Now request for OTP. 

Step 5: Now the OTP will come. 

Step 6: Now the last step is to enter the OTP. 

Now you will see a list of mobile numbers or SIM cards linked with your Aadhar card. 

Documents Needed For TAFCOP? 

For register yourself on TAFCOP Portal users have to add their personal documents such as 

  • Aadhar card
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • domicile certificate 

How to Login in TAFCOP Portal 


After following some basic and easy steps you can easily login into TAFCOP Portal easily. These steps are mentioned below- 

  • Step 1: search the official website of TAFCOP Portal ( https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/)on any browser. 
  • Step 2: go on the homepage of the website https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/ and click on the Login link. 
  • Step 3: add your username or user ID and password and fill all the information correctly. 
  • Step 4: fill the captcha code now. 
  • Step 5: Now all are done just click the login button. 

How to download the app: TAFCOP App 

To download the TAFCOP App users must follow some basic steps.  

  • Step 1: in the website you find the TAFCOP App download link. 
  • Step 2: use that link to be forwarded to the play store or you can download it from the play store directly also. 
  • Step 3: Now install the app. 
  • Now you can access the TAFCOP App. 

Is the significance of TAFCOP important? 

TAFCOP provides security to their users from becoming victims of fraud or theft. Mobile connection leads to fraud. fraud’s  such as SIM swap, call forwarding, fake KYC and international roaming fraud.  

  • Sim swap fraud– it refers to the fraud which happens when someone gets a clone of your sim card and misuses it like to access your bank accounts, one time passwords or other private and personal data also. 
  • Call forwarding fraud– it refers to the fraud where incoming calls are sent to a different number without your concern. 
  • Fake KYC fraud– in case someone uses your personal details or private documents to get a mobile connection and use it for something illegal. 
  • Fraud international roaming: in case someone authorises international roaming on your phone and it results in expensive foreign calls or data usage. 

Process of Reporting Your Number From TAFCOP Portal 

In case you want to know how to report numbers from the TAFCOP Portal, here are some tips and steps for that. 

  • First at all identify any doubtful numbers not authorised by you from checking Mobile number list. Now check the box and choose the option from below- 
    • This is not my number. 
    • Required. 
    • Not required. 
  • Now in case it is not yours then choose the option no.1 ‘this is not my number’. Click the option “report.” 
  • Now your report will reach to the officials of telecommunication, after checking they will block or deactivate that number. 


Ques. TAFCOP is safe or not? 

Ans. Obviously, TAFCOP is a safe and trustworthy website. 

Ques.Who runs the TAFCOP website? 

Ans. The TAFCOP website is run by the Ministry of communications, Indian government. 

Ques. Is there any way to find the sim owner’s name? 

Ans. Yes, Talk to the customer service for the information 

Ques. In case a user has more than 9 connections what to do? 

  • If a user has more than 9 connections, he has to take some actions. These actions are mentioned below. 
  • Step 1: go for the https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in
  • Step 2: enter your mobile number. 
  • Step 3: request for the OTP and fill the given OTP. 
  • Step 4: make sure that the mobile number you enter is correct. 
  • Step 5:Now you can check the numbers on your name. 
  • Step 6: Now if you want to take actions than click on the option “take necessary action”. 
  • Step 7: the last option is to follow the screen. 
  • After taking these instructions your problem can be cured and solved. 


The TAFCOP portal launched by the rule of India is a high important endeavour to make the telecom sector in the republic safe and stop people from scams. The feature allows TAFCOPs users to easily do a check and manage the SIM card register under their name. reduces the risk of serious crimes such as SIM swaps. call forwarding and fake KYC fraud. The online user portal saves users time and distress.

They can transport out the verification and reporting of unwanted mobile connections with only a few clicks. This active method creates not only a safe and secure feeling for mobile users in terms of their personal information but also increases the level of awareness between them so that they can build up a safer digital environment. Making the most of the TAFCOP provides the same purpose that is keeping personal telecom resources safe and paying attention to possible fraud cases.


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